Community Top Level Domains Applicants Group

Community Top Level Domains.

Communities have been core to the Internet’s success since it began. It’s not surprising then that Community gTLDs have been a part of every ICANN expansion of the domain name system (DNS) since it was created. It is a testament to their public interest benefits. What makes Community gTLDs special? In a nutshell, it’s about accountability. With community gTLDs, stakeholders have a real say in how their gTLD is run. No other type of gTLD can offer that.

The Community Top Level Domains Applicants Group.

The CTAG was formed in 2012 to ensure that the collective interests and voices of the 84 community-based new TLD applicants and the community stakeholders they serve are heard and represented in ICANN’s New gTLD Program. CTAG members know that a real multi-stakeholder, community-based accountability – one embodied by ICANN itself – distinguishes their applications from all others. Ultimately, we hope they will become a shining example of how community engagement continues to improve the Internet. Participation is open to community-based new gTLD applicants.

Our Mission.

The CTAG’s mission is to coordinate and represent the common interests of community-based new gTLD applicants in their engagement with the ICANN multi-stakeholder model and the public.

Our Members

.WIEN is the top-level domain for the community of the national capital of Austria Vienna. The local domain names available with .WIEN are concise and create a unique and individual identity for citizens, organisations, institutions and local authorities that are based in the metropolitan area of Vienna. Learn More
.TIROL serves the needs and various interests of the Tyrolean community and represents the federal Austrian province Tirol (Tyrol) on the internet. Local domain names available under .TIROL strengthen the feeling of community, improve communication and enhance interaction amongst the Tyrolean stakeholders. Learn More
.HOTEL is the namespace for the global hotel community. Only hotels and hotel associations can register domain names under .HOTEL. The .HOTEL community TLD supports the hotels’ strengths and enhances the hotel industry worldwide for the benefit of all – from the guests via the hotels to their organizations. Learn More
.BERLIN will be the digital identity for Berliners on the Internet. To show products and services coming from Berlin or their personal relation to Berlin, Berliners look forward to register their .berlin domain. .berlin provides more intuitive and search engine relevant domain names for businesses and Berliners and helps them to direct inquiries quicker to their .berlin websites. Learn More
The snow sports community, entrepreneurs and domain name experts have come together to create a new domain name ending in .SKI where members of our community can enjoy web address dedicated to them. Together we have created a .SKI domain name where community groups and members who care deeply about snow sports online will take part in the running of .SKI from day one. Doing so will give millions of people, organizations and rights owners who truly care about snow sports a simple way to share their passion. Learn More
.NGO and .ONG will be exclusive domains for local and global non-governmental organizations looking to advance their missions or to inspire their communities. .NGO will provide immediate recognition for organizations to pursue a cause and make a positive impact. PIR is the non-profit organization managing .ORG. Learn More
.versicherung will be the namespace for the insurance industry of Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Insurance companies and officially approved insurance agents as well as the insurance authorities can register domains under .versicherung, helping to quickly identify members of the insurance community. Learn More
With some 18 million members the largest automobile club in Europe, ranking worldwide second only to the American Automobile Association. It gained a reputation in Germany for its excellent services and products that strictly focus on the needs of its members. The Applicant is commonly referred to by its acronym ADAC which also became the Applicant’s key brand. With the .ADAC TLD, ADAC would like to create an additional platform for its services and products offered as well as a trusted and secure environment for the communication with its member organizations, its individual members and between these parties. Learn More
.barcelona TLD application is submitted by the Ajuntament de Barcelona (City Council of Barcelona) in name and on behalf of the .barcelona community. The goals of the .barcelona TLD are to facilitate digital communications from, to and within the .barcelona community, provide a platform for the development in the digital space of the .barcelona community and strengthen the image of the .barcelona community in the on-line and off-line world. Learn More
S & C Corporations construct the backbone of the American business culture and are the oldest form of business in the US. By choosing a .INC domain for your company, you will be helping to create brand reassurance and peace of mind with consumers. Learn More
DotGAL is the domain that should belong to the Galician community as a community with strong linguistic, cultural, historical and social links, a suffix to identify web pages written in Galician and given our geographic dispersion, would not be restricted to any particular territory. The proposal, technically executable and socially, linguistically and culturally profitable, falls within the top level sponsored domains, and this is what the PuntoGal Association and the entities and individuals comprising this are defending. Learn More
.gree is a TLD for the SNS community GREE, the company, and its stakeholders (companies listed in the annual securities report of GREE, Inc.). The .gree domain is different from other TLDs in that second level domain name registrations will not be open to the public. Registration will be restricted to the company, its stakeholders, and the SNS community GREE. Learn More
HEXAPʹs mission and purpose for the .MED gTLD are to federate certified and licensed practitioners in the health care sector under a clear, common, and easy to remember identifier on the Internet, provide stakeholders within the health care sector with a platform on which they can disseminate information in relation to medical topics, and offer products and services to businesses, consumers and, more in particular, patients. Provide Internet users in general, looking for genuine and reliable medical information, products and services with a clear and unambiguous identifier which provides them access to such information. Learn More
Interlink strongly believes that a TLD for Osaka will play an important function in expanding the Internet, fostering communications, improving commerce, and growing the online communities of Osaka. Furthermore, Interlink is confident that its proposed structure, policies, technical solution, and operational capabilities will enable “.osaka” to become a viable geographic TLD that serves the needs of the Osaka community. Learn More
The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is applying for the .radio Top Level Domain (TLD) on behalf of the global Radio community, in order to provide it with a trusted and secure name space to facilitate its transformation into the next generation radio industry. The Radio community is defined as all those entities and individuals related to audio content distributed mainly by broadcasting to wide communities of listeners throughout the world (see response to Q20 below for a detailed community definition). Learn More
Dot Shop
Commercial Connect, LLC plans to register the dotShop TLD, which is specifically designed for electronic commerce. This will clarify the purpose of web sites, make searching for products easier, and create more options for desirable domain names. Online security will be guaranteed through an account certification process that verifies the web site as a legitimate online retailer. Learn More
.TATAR pursues an ambitious goal to add to the current linguistic diversity and ethnic representation on the global Internet by creating a domain space projecting throughout the Internet a rich culture, unique history and traditions shared by a huge vibrant Tatars community both in Russia and the CIS, and elsewhere and offering a greater choice to users worldwide. Learn More
Limited Liability Partnerships represent some of the most trusted services contracted by consumers today. LLPs are designed primarily to represent professions such as lawyers, doctors and architects. By choosing a .LLP domain, you will bring unprecedented clarity and security to consumers and business owners. Learn More
The environmental community is coming together in a massive global campaign to preserve the ‘ECO’ domain extension. Together, we can offer committed environmentalists the choice of a .ECO domain name. This campaign will put the environmental community at the heart of how .ECO is run. Why? Because we care deeply about preserving this online space for the greater good. Learn More
.HAMBURG will be the digital identity for Hamburg on the Internet. .hamburg provides the City of Hamburg and all people from Hamburg an own namespace and local identity on the Internet. Learn More
.GMBH provides a dedicated and verified namespace that can be used by GMBH companies only. .GMBH offers descriptive domain names which lead to competitive advantages by better search engine positions, validated domain names lead to greater trust in business with customers. Learn More
.ARCHI has been created for the purpose of establishing an exclusive signature for architecture professionals, the associated content, and the growing presence of the business of architecture online. Domain name registrations of the .ARCHI extension will be reserved for the exclusive use of certified and graduated architects worldwide. .ARCHI is sponsored by the International Union of Architects (UIA). Learn More
.IMMO (the widely used abreviation for real estate in many European languages such as German, French and Italian) has been created for the purpose of establishing an exclusive signature for real estate professionals online and the premier destination for real estate content online. Registrations for the exclusive .IMMO will be reserved for real estate professionals: agents, property managers, home builders, professional real estate website publishers, professional insurance and financial services dedicated to the real estate industry, etc. Learn More
.NGO and .ONG will be exclusive domains for local and global non-governmental organizations looking to advance their missions or to inspire their communities. .NGO will provide immediate recognition for organizations to pursue a cause and make a positive impact. PIR is the non-profit organization managing .ORG. Learn More
.BANK gTLD will serve as a trusted, hierarchical, and intuitive namespace for this community, the businesses that are either supported by or represent the community and the consumers it serves. All registrants within .bank will be verified prior to registration to ensure their identity and their commitment to industry best standards developed by fTLD in conjunction with the financial services community. In addition, the registry will employ a network of both active and passive safeguards in the operation of the registry to make certain that registrants continue to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in the registration agreement. Learn More
.insurance gTLD will serve as a trusted, hierarchical, and intuitive namespace for this community and the consumers it serves. All registrants within this gTLD will be verified prior to registration to ensure their identity and their commitment to industry best standards developed by fTLD before they are able to register in the .insurance gTLD. In addition, the registry will employ a network of active and passive safeguards in the operation of the registry to make certain these registrants continue to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in the registration agreement. The .insurance gTLD will also provide the industry with an innovative space to explore cutting edge business opportunities and mechanisms to better serve consumers using the Internet. Over time, one of the goals of this gTLD is to become the consumer’s choice for information about the insurance industry. Learn More
.CORP will be available to any business registered as a Corporation, Incorporated Business, Benefit Corporation, Mutual Benefit Corporation or Non-Profit Corporation in the US. By choosing a .CORP domain for your business, you are taking a stand for consumers, creating trust in your industry and growing your professional image. Learn More
The mission and purpose of the .cpa TLD are to secure and protect the Applicant’s house brand (“CPA”) as a gTLD, reflect the AICPA brand at the top level of the DNS’ hierarchy and provide stakeholders of the applicant with a recognizable and trusted identifier on the Internet. Learn More
Dot Gay
The mission of the .gay TLD is to create an environment on the Internet that addresses important and primary needs of the Gay Community; safety, visibility and support. Learn More
The DotKids Foundation proposes the .kids gTLD as a domain dedicated to serving the global kids community. DotKids’ nature is community-based. The DotKids Foundation will adopt the UNCRC as our guiding principle, therefore to run the domain name where we encourage children participation on Internet Governance discussion, and to promote a kids-friendly Internet space, as well as to provide support to the children community, especially to Kids-led initiatives and projects supporting kids’ best interests. Learn More
DotMusic application for .MUSIC is the exclusive, global, community-based Top-Level Domain (TLD) name that gives music entities and the music community a unique identity online and a validated industry standard for official music websites. The specialized .MUSIC web address enhances a brand’s visibility online. It ensures that .MUSIC websites are associated with a memorable, self-explanatory and trusted badge restricted to the music community. Learn More

.music LLC mission for .music is to collaboratively launch and grow a successful domain that serves artists, musicians, songwriters and music professionals who promote music and nurture the art … all for the love of music, and in solidarity with all people who make music their lives around the world. Learn More

PointQuébec is a nonprofit whose mission is to help Quebec achieve these goals by acquiring, developing and operating this extension generic top-level domains (gTLDs) specific to Quebec. By responsible management of the gTLD, it wants to allow Quebecers, corporations, companies and organizations, government and cities to raise awareness and recognition of the canvas. Learn More
Dot Scot
.scot will give people, organisations and businesses the opportunity to clearly identify themselves as Scottish. .scot websites offering a unique branding tool for businesses and a clear cultural identifier for people in Scotland and in the wider Scots diaspora. Learn More
SportAccord is submitting this application on behalf of a global Sports community to ensure that the .SPORT gTLD shall serve as a trusted and intuitive name space for the global Sports community. The Sport Community is organized primarily through International, Regional and National Sports Federations and their members. Learn More
The mission and purpose of the .tennis TLD is to provide an authoritative, intuitive and cohesive online space for the Australian Tennis Community, as defined by Tennis Australia Pty Ltd (Tennis Australia). The .tennis TLD will serve to promote this overall purpose by creating a namespace that enhances the community’s online presence, which will support interactivity, engagement, authoritative information and promotion of the activities of the Tennis Australia Community and the game of tennis overall. The .tennis TLD will support the continued growth of the game within Australia by developing a platform for online growth and engagement. Learn More
.LLC will be dedicated to businesses registered as US Limited Liability Companies. LLC is the most popular entity type in the US because of its unique tax structure and personal liability protection mechanisms. Having a .LLC domain will provide consumers the assurance that your company is a legitimate US business. Learn More

Our work.

Over the past year The CTAG has been a pro active member of the ICANN and New gTLD community. Much of our collaborative work has influenced ICANN policy, the new gTLD program and helped to raise the awareness of community gTLDs and applicants.


January 2014 Community applicants write

seeking clarity around the resolution, timing and implementation of GAC Advice.

Learn More

January 2014 Community applicants write regarding

the latest tactics by some standard applicants to adversely affect ICANN’s Community Priority Evaluation (CPE) process.

Learn More

September 2013 Community Applicants respond to the barrage of communications from some standard applicants

condemning community applications and publicly ridiculing the International Chamber of Commerce’s handling of the Community Objections process.

Learn More

August 2013 Community Applicants makes additional remarks

 On the CPE process as well as to comment on the Guidance published on August 16, 2013.

Learn More

August 2013 Community Applicants Recap Goal of New TLD Program

CTAG writes to ICANN Board, GNSO and GAC Chairs noting concerns about misalignment between community evaluation procedures and GNSO policy guidance.

Learn More

July 2013 Governments Re-Affirm Need for Balanced Community Evaluation.

ICANN Government Committee reaffirms need to recognize voice of communities in the new gTLD program, noting the potential difficulty of the community evaluation process.

Learn More

July 2013 Community Applicants meet with ICANN Staff .

At ICANN Durban, community applicants meet in person with ICANN staff for a Q&A on how to best prepare for the upcoming community evaluations.

Learn More

June 2013 CTAG “Third Community Evaluation Readiness Letter” to ICANN.

CTAG members write to ICANN Staff and Board following-up on ICANN commitments to provide additional guidance, asking for a community TLD session at ICANN 47 in Durban, and encouraging communications to evaluators.

Learn More

May 2013 ICANN Issues form via customer service center allowing early opt-in to Community TLD applicants.

Community applicants that expect to undertake CPE respond promptly, given ICANN a clear picture of the scope and nature of evaluations that are likely to be undertaken by evaluators.

Learn More

May 2013 ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé calls Community TLDs “The reason I give for expanding the DNS with new gTLDs”.

In follow-up response to CTAG member questions about what he thinks about Community TLDs at an ICANN outreach event in Brussels.

Learn More

April 2013 CTAG “Second Community Evaluation Readiness” Letter to ICANN.

CTAG writes to ICANN Staff asking them to ensure an informed, efficient and objective community evaluation.
Learn More

March 2013 Governments Affirm Support for Community Role.

ICANN Government Advisory Committee affirms value of Communities in the new gTLD Process, urging that community opinions on gTLDs that impact them should be duly taken into account.
Learn More

March 2013 CTAG members meet at ICANN’s 46th Meeting in Beijing.

CTAG members urge ICANN Staff and Board regarding CPE readiness due to growing concern about ICANN preparations for this important phase of the new gTLD program.
Learn More

February 2013 CTAG “Public Interest Commitment” Comment to ICANN.

CTAG writes to ICANN Staff asking about the relationship between these commitments and other community commitments already expected to be made by applicants. CTAG also asks ICANN to ensure it is ready to undertake contracting for community TLDs in a manner that ensures efficiency and accountability.
Learn More

February 2013 CTAG “History of Community TLDs” Article Published.

CTAG interviews former GNSO Chair Avri Doria to understand and recount the history of community-based TLDs in the ICANN New gTLD process.
Learn More

November 2012 CTAG “Initial Evaluation Draw & Community Evaluation Readiness” Comment to ICANN.

CTAG agrees a common position of support for ICANN’s “Draw” approach to conducting initial evaluations. CTAG urges community TLDs to be prioritized along with IDNs. CTAG also makes a number of detailed points urging readiness for community evaluations.
Learn More

October 2012 CTAG Meets at ICANN’s 45th Meeting in Toronto.

The group forms a common position and presents to to ICANN’s Board of Directors at the ICANN public forum. Key on the group’s priorities is ICANN readiness for the community evaluation and recognition of communities as an important part of ICANN’s process.
Learn More

Join us.

The CTAG welcomes all new Community TLD applicants to join its group. As members you can help ensure the collective interests and voices of the 84 community applicants, and the stakeholders they serve, are heard and represented in ICANN’s new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) program.

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